There are now three podcasts available. The first was released to celebrate the opening of the John Lewis store in Exeter on October 12th. 

Podcast number 4 is coming at the end of 2012, looking at the world of Exeter Speedway. Coming soon we're editing and sorting through your memories of Exeter festivals the war years. We will also be releasing extended interviews in early 2013.

We have also started work on a general podcast about the history of Exeter. This has been specially requested by visitors to this site and with all the research we conducted as part of the project was fun to put together.

If you can't see all the podcasts above please visit our Soundcloud page http://soundcloud.com/exeterheritageproject

We went along to the opening of John Lewis on October 12th and everyone was impressed. The crowds were huge and we talked to a lot of people about the podcasts. View a couple of photos from our visit below.

The Exeter Heritage Podcasts is a project that has been devised and worked on by members of the CEDA Activity Hub. CEDA is an Exeter based charity working with disabled people providing social and learning opportunities. The project has been made possible thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  

The project has been delivered in 3 phases: Exeter’s buildings and landmarks; Exeter at War; and Changing Views – Living in Exeter.  Over the past year we have been busy researching through the archive of the Express and Echo, Exeter city council publicity material and capturing the memories of residents of the greatest city in the South West.  

It was planned to produce three podcasts, however the more groups learnt about the heritage of Exeter the more they wanted to share and there will now be nine different podcasts released. We still want to hear your memories so please do get in touch. 

While you're waiting for other podcasts to launch, why not visit a great facebook page all about Exeter. Share your memories, view photos and contribute if you can!


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Below are a series of Exeter based postcards from the ages. Postcards reflect the changing views of the historic city. We are using images like this to help us identify with the city today and it is fun comparing old and new.

 This project is funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund